Hannelore Maria

Hannelore Maria on pink rose (close-up)

My joy
Doing nothing. Seriously! Not doing, just BEING.
AND: Finding out with someone how they can be helped, how they can heal and change and unfold. Experiencing this shift, in the other person, AND in myself makes me deeply happy.

My calling
Helping people to discover – or rather: remember – that we humans are of divine nature, connected to the All. In this connectedness we can heal. We are already all that we can be, and we all have an inner knowing of who we are. I believe that we don’t necessarily have to go through suffering and despair in order become our true Selves. We just have to let go of what is in the way, so we can unfold and let our unique beauty shine.

My strengths
Allowing people to be who they are, while opening and holding the space for a profound transformational healing experience – on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Trusting my intuition and inner wisdom, guided by my spiritual helpers.
Combining my long-term experience with a powerful toolbox of healing and therapeutic modalities.

My focus
To work with people with some spiritual understanding, people who are open to expand their consciousness.

My passion
To work with women, helping them to unfold their personal presence and embrace their feminine power.

My experience
I have been practicing hands-on healing arts for over 30 years.
Originally trained in Austria, my home country, I have been a licensed massage therapist in Arizona since 1997.
My connection to the spiritual realms made me study and apply many energy healing modalities like LaHoChi, Theta Healing, the Two-Point-Method (inspired by Matrix Energetics) and Ancestral Clearing. Angels have always been in my life and I continue to integrate these, Mother Mary and other Light Beings into my healing work.
Since 2002 I have offered seminars about the Divine Feminine. My passion to work with women led me to Rachael Jane’s work, and now I am a teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence.
In 2017 I added hypnotherapy to my tool box, finding it helpful for releasing old and often unconscious habits.

…and some personal tidbits about me:

  • I love traveling.
  • Learning makes me happy. I continue to attend workshops and seminars.
  • I make my home since 25 years in Phoenix, Arizona. I love its dry sunny climate and the beauty of the desert.
  • I am a visionary person. One of my visions is to create a center for women to gather, exchange, celebrate and empower each other.