Welcome to HamaWisdom!

I am Hannelore Maria, a healer and transformational coach.

Do you feel lost? Not knowing who you are, and why you are here?
I am listening.
Do you feel frustrated, discouraged, stuck? Stressed, burdened, in despair?
Maybe coping with bad habits, fears or serious chronic illness?
Are you yearning to be heard and seen, appreciated with your gifts and rewarded with success?
I understand.
I know these feelings and thoughts. I am as human as you. AND, at the same time, I know, and have experienced, that this can be changed.
We can transform our lives, by transforming ourselves – from within.

Does this sound impossible? Overwhelming? Scary?
Let me help you.

More about how I work here.

My passion is to help you on the journey to yourself – your true, whole Self.
Hannelore Maria