Hannelore Maria has been practicing hands-on healing arts for 30 years. Originally trained in Austria, she has been a licensed massage therapist in Arizona since 1997. Her extensive experience in massaging is complemented with a wide knowledge of other healing modalities: LaHo-Chi, Theta Healing, Two-Point-Method (inspired by Matrix Energetics, QE and other consciousness technologies), transformational coaching, sound healing, Angel healing, Mother Mary healing, Russian knowledge about organ regeneration, and more. 

Hannelore Maria sees herself as an instrument to help you transform yourself on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

For this purpose, she developed HamaWisdom, her unique approach to assist with a profound transformational healing experience. HamaWisdom is a fusion of all her experiences from this lifetime and beyond, using an individually customized blend of methods and techniques she accumulated over the years of learning and practicing. Hannelore Maria helps you to deepen your understanding how to interact with your body and how your body reacts to your perceptions, intentions and sub-consciousness.

Since 2002, Hannelore Maria has offered seminars about the Divine Feminine, creating a space for soul awakening and discovering the Goddess within. Angels have always been a part of Hannelore Maria’s life and she continues to integrate these and other Light Beings into her healing work.

Hannelore studied Hypnotherapy and is a certified Hypnotherapist since 2017. Her passion to work with women led her to Rachael Jane’s work and she was trained as a teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence 2018.

She focuses her work on women to teach them to develop their personal presence and become the powerful radiant beings they are meant to be.

My calling is to help transform illness, dis-ease and stuck energy into our original state of well-being – with joy, ease and laughter. I pass on what I learn and experience, sharing my knowledge. We are all One. I like to use this connection for healing and awakening our full human and spiritual potential.