Energy Healing

LaHo-Chi: High Frequency Hands-On Healing

LaHo-Chi is a high vibrational healing energy that allows a deep relaxation into Being where healing and transformation can take place. Most commonly experienced through hands-on touch, LaHo-Chi also works as a self-healing and remote-healing modality.

Practiced already in the era of Atlantis and in the times of LaoTse, this ancient healing modality was brought forth into our time in 1991 through Satchamar, a spiritual teacher in California.

All individuals, regardless of their background or belief, can benefit from this energy; yet, everybody experiences LaHo-Chi differently. It can support life-changing events, promote inner peace, increase intuitive and innate healing abilities, enhance creativity and accelerate awakening.

Many people reported receiving clear inner messages from Spirit on how to improve their health and other facets of life. Some experience that this energy uses tools like sacred geometry, sound, colors; some report various body sensations.

LaHo-Chi allows the whole Self to relax profoundly into a meditative state of being which is instrumental in the process of healing and transformation. The essence of this healing is the direct connection to Spirit’s wisdom, light and unconditional love.

In my perception, LaHo-Chi energy is one of the most powerful energy forms available to us. I feel that Spirit wants this energy to reach all over the planet, to be of service to everyone who wishes to awaken and assist in raising consciousness.

LaHo-Chi is an energy of pure love and light. Therefore, the angelic realm and Ascended Masters who are serving the light will always be there to assist. Having a very close connection to Mother Mary, I experience her being always there when I facilitate a healing.