Cosmic Laughter

Laughter is one of the biggest assets/help/…on your path to enlightenment. You need to be able to have a good laugh about yourself and also about humankind. Laughing does not mean to be condescending, meaning feeling above someone. It is more an expression of understanding humankind and your own human nature.

Have a good laugh about that. “Why did I choose that experience? What the heck did I think?”

How to be a peacemaker

In the midst of all chaos and turmoil and catastrophic events you can remain peaceful inside. Knowing that this has nothing to do with not being empathic or feeling compassion towards horrific events around you.

Take a deep breath and go to that place inside you where you can feel the love and the eternal presence of the – I AM.

Emanate this out to the world and you are a peace maker.

Peaceful, Loving, Joyful

HamaWisdom Sprinkles


We all seek it. We all are it.

Love, a big word!

What does it mean to you? Is LOVE part of your life? Does Love show its gentle energy to you, through Grand children, a partner, a friend?

LOVE is abundantly available, but is often shut down through life’s circumstances. The irony is even if you would like too, you can’t escape Love, because you are Love.

It is said that the Universe is Love, God is Love “All that is” is Love. The conclusion: If you are part of THAT, which you are because you can’t not be you are Love.

We feel this Love mostly in our heart.

Imagine your heart as a well, which never dries up. Constantly producing love, which flows out into the world.