I am providing a loving, safe space where you can – with my guidance – reconnect, heal and transform.

Together we can go within, to your essence and the Source. There, the healing can happen. Clearing limiting obstacles like old beliefs, programs, survival strategies – often developed after traumas. I guide you in discovering your innate power, unfolding your potential, becoming more and more who you truly are.

Drawing from experience of over 30 years and many trainings, I have developed my own unique approach ‘HamaWisdom’, using a variety of methods.
Currently my favorite tools are: LahoChi, Ancestral Clearing, Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy.

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In this powerful 40-minute session we work together so you can leave with
– a new awareness of what may sabotage you in creating the life you yearn for
– an experience of relief, deep relaxation, transformation or healing
– a renewed sense of confidence and energy for taking the next step.

I believe that transformational coaching can be very effective and quick.
Therefore, I offer packages of 4 sessions, totaling 5 to 6 hours approximately.